Marketing Automation ISN’T Easy

June 18, 2010 by

And Five Other Truths BtoB Marketers Must Accept to Be Successful with Marketing Automation

Most marketing automation vendors will tell you how easy it is to implement marketing automation with their tools. Well, finally a vendor that tells you the truth about what it takes to do a successful implementation. Download Manticore’s whitepaper to learn more.

Here’s what’s covered in this “tough love” paper.

Truth 1: Marketing Automation ISN’T Easy
Truth 2: While Lacking Sex Appeal, Marketing Process Is the Key to Marketing Automation Success
Truth 3: The Buying Decision Is Well Under Way by the Time the Prospect Gets to Your Web Site. Act Accordingly.
Truth 4: Content Is King — And Not Necessarily a Benign Dictator
Truth 5: Think Beyond Lead Generation: It’s Not Quantity, It’s Quality
Truth 6: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Marketing High Tech in Challenging Times

January 27, 2010 by

Marketing High Tech in Challenging Times – 9 Key Success Factors

Join us for a Webinar on

Wednesday, February 17 10:00 am USA PT / 1:00 pm USA ET / 6:00 pm UK GMT / 5:00 am AUST ET (Thursday, Feb 18)

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Free Webinar. Your contact information will remain confidential.

Join subject matter experts from The Chasm Institute, MarketBright and Jigsaw for an advanced webinar for marketing professionals in key software, product, and web-based businesses, seeking to drive profitable sales in 2010.

Webinar focus will be on 3 priority questions:
1. How do customer needs change in different stages of the TALC (Technology Adoption Life Cycle) ?
2. What are some key Best & Worst Practices for high tech market success in challenging times ?
3. Which 9 key factors predict success or failure in new product launches ?

We’ll also talk about:
4. Marketing automation – can it make a significant difference in terms of marketing visibility and pipeline forecasting?
5. Database segmentation – why is it a critical factor in email marketing?

REGISTER HERE: After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

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SEO: Looks Don’t Matter

January 6, 2010 by

Your website is pretty. It has flash and video and fancy stuff. And you’re done, right?

Wrong. In the online marketing world, the prettiest doesn’t end up on top… smarts is where it’s at. And smart online marketing starts with search engine optimization (SEO). You could tell everyone you know – every customer, every colleague, every friend, every neighbor – to visit your website (often) and you wouldn’t even scratch the surface of a website’s potential. There are people out there – more people than you can imagine – that are interested in what you are selling (or saying) and searching. “Pretty” might get noticed on the street, but “pretty” doesn’t (necessarily) get found online.

Why Search Engine Optimization? SEO’s ultimate goal is to get found… hopefully by that audience of pre-qualified prospects. However, the residual benefits of employing a well-developed SEO strategy include more opportunities for lead conversion and an alternative – and powerful – avenue for increased sales (read: profits). When combined with a smart marketing automation solution, your website’s potential to generate leads – and convert those leads to sales – grows exponentially.

Search engine optimization strategies involve developing each page of your site around targeted and relevant keywords or search terms. Inbound links, or links from other sites to yours, also helps improve your search engine performance. Helping search engines – such as Google – to understand, index, and interpret your website puts you in front of the right people time and time again.

A marketing program centered on the SEO basics requires little to no monetary investment… just some time and some smarts. Mamma always told me that it’s what’s inside that counts…

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